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Shah Alam: Selangor’s Capital City

Selangor’s capital is Shah Alam which is popularly known as a well-planned township encompassing both modernity and greenery, surrounded at its periphery by Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and five other major townships including Klang, Bangi, and Kajang. Here, residential areas and commercial buildings are set amidst lush landscapes and a large lake. Several state government’s administrative buildings are located around its town centre while several shopping malls have mushroomed since the past decade, making this city busier than it already is.


shah alam city centre

Shah Alam city centre. Photo courtesy of Sang Photographer Flickr

Locals would call Shah Alam a city of roundabouts as you would come across huge roundabouts at almost every 5 km or so. Many students also roam this city as the well-known Universti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) main campus is set on 300 acres of land, here, with more than 40, 000 registered students and no less than 16, 000 students staying in campus.


Due to Shah Alam’s close proximity to Port Klang and its well-planned township, it also houses some of the busiest industrial sectors. The nation’s New Straits Times Press Berhad, a large daily and media house has a technologically advanced printing plant in this city while many other established names in the world also has operation plants here.


Above all, Shah Alam is most famous for the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, also known as The Blue Mosque. It is the largest mosque in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and its architecture integrates ethnic Malay, Arabic and modern design elements.


Source: breakaway Selangor tourist guide