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How To Connect To Wireless City Selangor (Wifi Selangor)

wifi selangor wifi zone Wireless City Selangor

Wireless City Selangor, which has been launched on 10th April 2010 at Medan Selera Prima 2, Section 2, Shah Alam, is an easy free internet access for Selangor’s people. It starts from Shah Alam and then to the other public location gradually.

Location of Wireless City Selangor Signal :

  • Section 2, Shah Alam
  • Section 3, Shah Alam
  • Section 9, Shah Alam
  • Complex PKNS, Shah Alam
  • Plateau of Shah Alam
  • Medan Selera Bandar Utama, Batang Kali
  • Restoran Fazlina Maju, Kuala Kubu Baru


How To Connect To Wireless City Selangor

*Please take note that the step by step below is just an example if you are at Menara Jam Dataran Shah Alam and you want to access the wireless using your computer or smart phone. Below are the step for first time login :-

1. Ensure your computer or smart phone is receiving the signal of Wireless City Selangor. Then, connect to the signal.


2. Open the browser and start to type any website address, for example

3. The website will not open immediately, but a user registration screen will appear to allow user to create Username and Password for Log In purpose.


4. Complete the registration information and then click  ”Create My Account”.

5. Below screen shot will appear for the successful registration. You will be asking to Log In for surfing the internet.


6. Login screen. Type your Username and Password. Click Login.

7. You can start surfing for 30 minutes. The surifng time will be shown for your reference.

Enjoy surfing!

* This facility was provided by Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd. Any quiry please contact  Hotline 03-89917080.


Source: Selangor Official Website

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