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Takaful Insurance Scheme For Selangor’s Village Headman

On 21st April 2011, all Selangor’s Village Headman received a good news when Selangor announced to provide a Takaful Insurance Scheme, worth RM 30, 000 for them .

“I would like to say Thank You to Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for giving me the insurance scheme to all Selangor’s Village Headman. The scheme should be given to the village headman due to the heavy duty especially when dealing with many characters. With the little allowance, most of us can’t effort to buy insurance scheme although it is very important. This scheme is very valuable for us.  ”

~ Village Headman of Kampung Tengah, Edrus Mohd Yusof, 56.


“I have never think will received an increment from RM45o to RM800 lately, and now the insurance scheme worth RM 30, 000. I accepted it as a reward from Allah, under Selangor Government’s leadership who always thinking of all the citizen’s virtue. Thank you, Chief Minister of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and PR Government”.

~Village Headman of Kampung Changkat, Zainal Abidin Abu Bakar, 53.


“This scheme rewards shows PR government practice worthiness concept. Role of village headman is challenging, actually. With this scheme, it can protect our family”.

~  Village Headman of Kampung Mulia, Ampang, Zubir Din, 56.


“With this insurance scheme to all Selangor’s Village Headman shows the virtue concept practices by PR Government as all the state’s income was distributed to the citizens. This scheme also shows that PR Government is concern about their safety”.

~ Parlimen Gombak, Mohamed Azmin Ali.


Source: SelangorIdamanku News

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