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Selangor Targeting to Allocate RM1.5 Billion For 2012 Budget


Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim menteri besar selangor

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government is targeting to allocate RM1.5 billion for the 2012 Budget by emphasizing on welfare programmes in the state, said Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

He said that out of the total, RM700 million would be allocated for welfare programmes which, among other things, aimed to narrow down the imbalance in income in Selangor.

“Our objective is to narrow down the income gap which appears to be growing wider in Malaysia. Development for the haves must be continued, but we are fully committed to ensure that the poor will not continue to be trapped in the clutches of poverty,” he said in a statement here.

Abdul Khalid said the allocation would not be used merely as a handout but as seed funding to encourage the people to be self-reliant and to develop their own economic base.

He said the state government also planned to reduce the profit margin of government contractors from 30 per cent to seven per cent.

“We do this to eliminate the practice of middleman which resulted in a serious leakage which is detrimental to the people,” he said. –BERNAMA

Source: NST

Photo courtesy of Abdul Khalid Ibrahim FB

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