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MNS Applauds and Congratulates Selangor

The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) applauds and congratulates the Selangor state government for passing this unprecedented amendment to the Section 11 Enactment (Application) Forestry Act 1985 in the state assembly this morning.

MNS is heartened that after almost 2 years to the day to our call in 2009, this new and historical development paves the way for transparency and good governance and will in the long term, protect the last remnants of Selangor’s once vast forest cover.

MNS believes strongly that the continued loss of our natural forests is the single biggest threat to Malaysia’s natural heritage today. In the last 70 years, Malaysia has experienced great losses to its natural forest cover, especially lowland and coastal forests. Large-scale agriculture expansion since the late 1950s and development aims, in pursuit of economic gains, superseded the need to protect our natural environment.  Various forest reserves across the country are now being taken over by plantations such as for oil palm and latex timber clone and this enactment will serve as an important legal measure to arrest the problem.

2011 is the International Year of Forests as designated by the United Nations and MNS strongly urges all other states in the country to review current state legislations and follow the precedent set by Selangor.


By Clifford Clement,

Executive Director

Malaysian Nature Society


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Source: MNS website

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